Marius AR

User Manual

Marius AR Studio Digitizing Services: User Manual

Welcome to Marius AR Studio’s digitizing services! We provide a state-of-the-art studio rig designed specifically for museums and galleries to digitize art objects with ease and precision. This manual will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Step 1: Understanding the System

Our system includes a portable studio rig, which consists of c-stands, cameras, lights, and a rotating display stand. The rig is remotely controlled and designed for easy assembly. Once set up, you can take high-quality pictures of your art objects. These pictures are then uploaded to our unique content management system (CMS) online.

– C-stands
– 2 Cameras
– 2-3 Lights
– 1 Rotating display stand
– 1 Remote control system
– Online CMS

– C-stands: Provide a stable base for cameras and lights.
– Cameras: Capture high-resolution images of your art objects.
– Lights: Ensure optimal lighting for photography.
– Rotating Display Stand: Allows for 360-degree imaging of objects.
– Remote Control System: Enables you to operate the rig without physical contact with the art pieces.
– Online CMS: A platform where you can select, upload, and manage your digitized images.


Step 2: Assembling the Rig

Before You Start:
– Ensure you have ample space.
– Handle components with care.

Assembly Process:
1. **C-stands Setup**: Position the C-stands following the diagram provided. Ensure they are stable and secure.
2. **Camera Installation**: Mount the camera(s) on the designated spots on the C-stands. Adjust the height and angle as needed.
3. **Lighting Arrangement**: Attach the lights to the C-stands. Position them to achieve even lighting without glare or shadows.
4. **Rotating Display Stand**: Place the stand at the center of the setup. Ensure it’s level and stable.
5. **Connecting the Rig**: Follow the instructions to connect the cameras, lights, and rotating stand to the remote control system.

Step 3: Taking Pictures

– Place the art object on the rotating display stand.
– Ensure the object is centered and properly oriented.

Photography Process:
1. **Initial Setup**: Use the remote control to adjust camera settings (focus, exposure, etc.).
2. **Capturing Images**: Start the rotation of the display stand. Use the remote to capture images from different angles.
3. **Review**: Check the images on the camera display or connected monitor for clarity and coverage.


Step 4: Selecting and Uploading Files

– Review the captured images.
– Select the best representations of the art object.

Uploading to CMS:
1. **Accessing the CMS**: Log in to our online CMS with the credentials provided.
2. **Uploading Images**: Follow the prompts to upload the selected images from your camera or storage device.
3. **Image Management**: Once uploaded, you can organize, label, or edit the images as necessary within the CMS.

You have successfully set up the KOI studio rig, captured high-quality images of your art objects, and uploaded them to our CMS. For any further assistance or inquiries, please contact our support team. Thank you for choosing KOI Creative Studio’s digitizing services!