Hiring Publicity Coordinator in Japan

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First-ever Baltic art project in Japan is looking for Publicity Coordinator.

The project - HUMAN BALTIC presents the golden age humanist photography of 1960-1990 and The Baltic Way in one of the most prestigious galleries of Tokyo - Spiral Garden. VIP events, panel talks and tours will serve as a platform for creative, diplomatic and business communities of the Baltics and Japan. Dedicated augmented reality app will extend the exhibition. More about the project

It is a part-time position. The work will start now, beginning of April 2024 and will end in June, 2024. The most active months are April and May.

Goals of Public Relations

  • Get as much visitors as possible to the exhibition. We aim to have 3600 visitors in total.

  • Fill satellite events (opening reception on 05.28, panel talk events on 05.30 and 06.06; each event ~100 guests) with quality crowd: art and culture community leaders, photography community, businessmen and diplomats.
  • Press releases about exhibition published in prestigious media. Articles and press releases to be published in influential Japanese media. You may have seen a list of news outlets in our Job announcement. It is a bit outdated, so we'd ask You to provide a new list and contact them. Maybe offer a partnership? This step is mostly important for the donors of the project - foundations, private sponsors, etc. so that the project is widely seen. It is all about prestige.
The goals can be reached in many various ways.

The Perfect Candidate

  • Fluent English and 日本語.
  • Understanding of Japanese art and creative media.
  • Experience in publicity of culture, art, leisure, tourism for Japan.
  • Experience in working (creating briefs and coordinating) with designers, photographers, copywriters, etc.

Depending on competences, the payment is 1500-3500 Eur brutto.

  • Coordinating social media campaign with dedicated FB and IG accounts. Around 10 posts weekly.
  • Preparing and distributing 4 Press releases to Japanese media. Press releases are prepared in English by organizer first, then adapted by coordinator.
  • Working with Japanese Art, Tourism and Leisure media, portals, etc.
  • Coordinating Facebook Ads budget.
  • Working with designer and organizer to prepare visual material.
  • Working with art and photography community leaders;
  • Proactively suggesting and implementing ideas for Publicity and Marketing of the project.


Who are our future visitors?
Following are simulated profiles of visitor profiles. They are simply to better understand the audience we wish to attract.

Kumiko. I am 45 years old housewife. I know Lithuania and Linen, I heard about Sugihara. I wish to go to Lithuania someday. I am stylish and look for quality in life, I want to tell my friends more about interesting history. I don’t know geography of Europe well. I expect Lithuania and Baltic States to bring stylish etno products, I like minimalism and luxury at the same time.

Sakamizu-san. I have plenty of international business experience, but in my core I am true Japanese and consider the Western World as one: in Europe there is so much happening, and Russia always was aggressor. I am interested in diplomatic reasoning and brave human acts Baltic Way happened when I was young and active, so I can relate.

Sara. I am young, navigate digital media flawlessly. I don’t know or care much about history, but I care about social issues and am conscious and quick to react (on social media). I want new experiences from exhibitions, how 60s-90s are new? :O
What topics do we want to talk about?
Few ideas we wish to speak about in Japanese media:
︎“Who is the Baltic human? Rediscover the Baltic States in a Photography Exhibition”.
︎“With Photography, We Were Saving The Baltics That Soon Would Vanish”.
︎“We Are All Human. Discoveries of Famous Japanese Photographers About The Baltics”.

What media partners do we want to have?
AXIS, artlogue, artscape, INTERNET MUSEUM, ARTalk, Tokyo Art Beat, JDN, haconiwa, Tokyo Weekender,トラベルWatch, SPICE, Walker Plus, Let’s enjoy TOKYO, ルルブ&more, NIKKEI STYLE, SPICE, SO-EN, Japan Times. The list might be outdated and we will ask You to get us back on track :)

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