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Public organization "Kultūrinės ir organizacinės idėjos"
Company code: 302536099
Gedimino av. 28, LT-01104 Vilnius, Lithuania


We are a public organization “Kultūrinės ir organizacinės idėjos” - Cultural and Organizational Ideas (KOI in short): non-profit, up for all things cultural and creative. Brought to the daylight back in 2008, KOI was one of the pioneers to start spreading Asian culture in Lithuania and to serve as an international platform for cultural collaborations between Baltic States and Asia. Starting mildly - growing wildly, at this day we are a leading cultural organization in Lithuania to smash borders and build cultural bridges between East Asian countries and Baltic States. Implementing creative projects at both local and an international scale, we are driven by quality, innovation and creativity. You may say it‘s only our eloquence, we say may the works talk for themselves: 10 years of smart hard work, 6 continuous projects, 18 musical concerts, more than 100 international artists, 52,000 visitors...
While aiming to enrich the outlook of society with qualitative content and encouraging taking a step towards the joy of discovery of the world of culture, at the same time KOI enables artists and creative professionals worldwide to meet up at a one place for unique collaborations, valuable knowledge and contact exchange, to generate groundbreaking ideas for the present and for the future.


KOI was born in 2008 out of joy spreading culture, out of passion for all things East Asian, out of sugar and spice and everything nice.
In 2009 our team started Japanese cultural festival nowJapan. It is now the biggest event of a kind in the Baltic States, annually enjoyed by more than 7 thousand people.
2012 marks the beginning of a project Rising Sun on Stage – enabling Japanese and Lithuanian performing artists for unique collaborations, sprouting unique content whereas Japan and Lithuania performs on one stage.
2013 – the happy year, when The Commendation to the festival nowJapan from the Embassy of Japan in Lithuania has been received. This year we also started the European Cosplay Academy – an international youth exchange project.
In 2014 we had an immense honour to invite Nobuki Sugihara, a son of famous Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara who saved thousands of Jews from the Nazis during World War II to visit Lithuania.
As a consequence of Lithuanian and Baltic designers steadily paving their way into the spotlight, in 2015 Lithuania felt hunger for more knowledge on things creative. This is how ABCD – Asia Baltic Creative Days - a series of events fostering collaboration of Baltic States and East Asian countries in creative industries field was born.
In 2017 Design Guide – two day trainings for NGOs on creative self-representation were implemented for the first time.


Event organizing

With vast experience in event organizing both in Lithuania and abroad, we are ready to aid - big or small.

Business consulting

Ready to enter always-hungry Japanese market? Or aiming to present Your produce to Lithuania? We have a plan.

Brand building and design

We specialize in brand building and design (graphic, packaging, website). With over 10 years of experience working with Japan, we have a know-how of consumer needs.


Over the years we've built strong partnership network: artists, culture operators, businesses, institutions, freelancers, buyers. We are always delighted to make new meaningful connections.