From 2009. Lithuania

Island of Japan in Lithuania

Japanese cultural festival nowJapan is a beacon of Japanese culture in the Baltic States. Held annually since 2009, festival offers to experience a fusion of Japanese deep traditions, contemporary cutting-edge creativity and dazzling popular culture. When You cannot go to Japan, we bring Japan to You: Cosplay show, concerts, art performances, creative workshops, talks and lectures, booths, signings, exhibitions, food stalls, movies and much more - everything You can imagine about today’s Japan is at the festival!


Visitors and passersby annually.


Artists and activities every festival.

Island of Japan

nowJapan presents various art forms and gives entertainment, culture and education to visitors. Aiming to creatively enrich visitor’s mind and stimulate curiosity. In a nutshell, festival is a weekend trip to Japan.


Unfold rich Japanese culture to Baltic audiences. Foster international creative collaborations. Promote Japan and Lithuania as cultural tourism destinations. Stimulate new forms of creativity in Lithuania.

Biggest in the Baltics

Biggest and oldest Japanese cultural festival in the Baltics, running from 2009. With prestigious partners and artists. Encouraging cultural tourism both to Lithuania and Japan.

Held in heart of Vilnius

Unlike any other festival, nowJapan is held in the heart of Vilnius old town, mixing Japanese culture and medieval Vilnius architecture. Which is a UNESCO heritage.